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Great expectations many disappointments

Great expectations

Many disappointments

Some years ago while driving in Atlanta traffic I sat at the red light behind other cars watching some poor soul trying to exit the Wendy’s and even though we were at a standstill no one would let him exit with that soon to be cold burger and fries .

I was in no hurry as I eased up honked and waved for him to exit and he did but things got weird . You see I was feeling really good ,yes even better than those who didn’t let him out but that feeling turned sour because he didn’t wave thank you or even acknowledge this great thing I had done for him.

As I muttered to myself about ungratefulness ,selfish people an unexpected question popped into my head .

Did I perform this act of kindness for my own reward ? And if so was it really kindness at all?

Years later my loving wife complained about how she was treated by an aquantie and said something to the effect “ I would have “ done this or that thereby making herself as the standard as to how this person ought to behave.

We all have those expectations of what others ,should or ought to do and that's fine up to a point ,that point is to where we are disappointed ,frustrated about someone failing to return what we expected or gave .

It's almost impossible not to expect somethings like a happy birthday call from mom that youv'e been getting since you left home.

However to pin your expectations on strangers or even loved ones can be disappointing ,frustrating and may leave you telling everyone how you were slighted and constantly being the victim of mean people.

Perhaps a better way is to live your life without expectations or reciprocation ,yep let the guy in line not because you want to be thanked but because you're kind ,kindness is it's own reward .

That frees you up not to be connected to another person's action or inaction ,that dear friend is true freedom.

Tony Brown

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